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Broadcast M.A.P. is a technology company with a specific focus on solutions for media forecasting, trading and analysis. Backed by our legendary training and support, and designed to empower you to perform, our main products are TVmap (Television Media Analysis Programme) and RADIOmap.

Virtual Australia (VOZ)

TVmap VOZ product suite is VOZ Gold Standard accredited.

TVmap VOZ Reach & Frequency Module
Campaign Forecast, Tacking & Post Analysis

TVmap VOZ Reach Curves
Program or Timeslot Average Audience and Reach

TVmap VOZ Ranking Report
Reach contribution by Broadcast TV and BVOD

TVmap VOZ Analyzer
Average Audience, Cumulative Reach, Potential, Time Spent Viewing

Talk to us for more details or learn more on the official VOZ website.

Better trend analysis for media trading

A simple and clear interface allows you to visualise and identify trends in seconds.

Slice and dice the data any way you want

Quickly build up the 'shape' of the graph you want for easy display and comparison.

Get seasonally-adjusted ratings forecasts

Our ratings forecasts are typically 24% to 35% more accurate than 'same time last year'.

See powerful results fast, with less effort

You'll be more productive, and gain strategic insights for negotiations and new business.

Improve cost efficiency and reduce rework

We remove the complexity of seasonal ratings, reducing rework and nasty surprises.


Save time with electronic bookings

Bookings can be sent straight to the broadcasters from our buying environment. Get in ahead of agencies doing manual bookings for inventory opening periods, and eliminate mistakes from manual re-entering.

Frequency Distribution

Realtime reach and frequency

As you build your schedule, a running total of the Reach and Frequency is updated as each spot is booked. Run R&F in a single period, or see the average result of several R&F runs for different date ranges.


Automate spot schedule generation

You can automate the production of as many candidate schedules as you want, then select, compare and refine the schedule that best suits your client's needs. Drag and drop metrics and copy and paste objectives from the brief, to save time.

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Complex analytics made easy

Using the familiar environment of Microsoft Excel*, you can supercharge existing spreadsheets with hotspots and live links to our powerful database. Build your own, or use our supplied templates for infinite customisation.

Automated reports

Get reports delivered direct to your inbox, with text message notification when they are ready.

Get more accurate ratings forecasts

We use seasonally adjusted ratings forecasts which take into account recent programming, daylight savings and other seasonal factors.

Be more productive

Our software lets you do things that were previously impractical or impossible, and makes them quick and easy. Put your energy into producing results and being creative with your work rather than struggling with software.

Making the complex simple

Created by media buyers for media buyers, our tools are easy to learn and easy to use, giving you the most straightforward and intuitive approach to complex tasks.

Revolutionised spot selection

There is no better way to craft a cost effective Reach and Frequency schedule than by using the TVmap Visual Optimiser. It's also the only way we know of to critically assess existing or competing schedules for poor performing spots.

The industry standard

Founded in 1995, Broadcast M.A.P. is firmly established as the preferred industry standard by agencies and broadcasters throughout New Zealand, and widely used in Australia.

Broadcast M.A.P. is a Gold Standard Accredited Software Supplier.

Broadcast M.A.P. is Gold Standard certified for Regional TAM data, and an OzTAM Gold Standard Accredited Software Supplier for minute-by-minute and quarter hour data.

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